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Robin Hood Is A Hero For Everyone

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Robin Hood Is A Hero For Everyone

The news will not please many fans but Robin Hood, the avenger of Sherwood Forrest, is not a historical figure. It probably only existed in the imagination of its creator. But as a hero, the legendary archer is still current and popular. Not only his novels contributed to this, but also numerous films and TV series. The green archer appears as the avenger of the disinherited. The intrepid outlaw steals from the rich and gives his booty to the poor. Like Sean Connery, Kevin Costner, or Russel Crowe have already embodied him on screen and thus continued to write his legend.

The story of Robin Hood is well known. While Richard the Lionheart fights in the Holy Land, his brother Prince John rules England. He is a tyrant who exploits and oppresses the English people. Noble Robin of Locksley returns from a crusade and finds that his property was gone. When he is declared outlawed, he flees to Sherwood Forrest. There he takes command of a group of outlaws. They start raids and distribute their booty to the poor. The outstanding archer keeps escaping from his captors. No matter how hard the Sheriff of Nottingham and his assistant Guy of Gisborne try, they don’t get Robin Hood. When the king returns to England, he rehabilitates the avenger. In the end, he marries his lover Marian.

A Simple But Effective Story

The simple story about the hero who defeated his tormentors, in the end, has delighted people for centuries. In England, Robin Hood rose to become a folk hero. From there, his story spread all over the world. The figure has long since become a synonym for social justice. He tries hard when it comes to combining ethics with success. Those who fight against the rulers like to give themselves the image of the avenger. Even advertising uses the idea of the fictional character to elevate itself. People named streets and even airports after him.

Only one tiny fishing village in England has nothing to do with the fictional Robin Hood. Robin Hood’s Bay is on the British North Sea coast, southeast of the city of Whitby. At the inner end of the sea book of the same name is a place that pays tribute to the hero. Since the 1990s, the area has also gained significant tourist importance. But there is no substantive connection to Robin Hood. There has long been a flourishing Robin Hood research in England.

A Simple But Effective Story
A Simple But Effective Story

Historians and literary scholars sift through all available sources. But the range of the supposedly historical figure is too broad actually to be taken seriously. It ranges from the impoverished aristocrat to a proudly passed farmer to a poor farmer. So far, science has not found the real Robin Hood. Even if the scientists did not find historical Robin Hood, he had numerous role models. That suggests that Robin Hood could have been something of a collective term for various historically documented criminals. In any case, the author connected the story of Robin Hood to the English history of the 13th century. He acts against a historical background. This time was ideal for the formation of the legend about the avenger of the woods.

The Most Famous Archers

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The Most Famous Archers

Archery is an old historic sport that takes time to learn. As in any other area, archery has had some exceptionally talented shooters over time. That convinced them with their skills over the entire length. They had not only their talent but also the will to be among the best in their profession. Their skills have passed the test of time and today these names are still known. The following personalities have the new light of the sport of archery and their performances are still inspiring people to try this ancient sport.



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When we begin learning the ins and outs of archery, we will have an arsenal of information at our fingertips. Choosing the right equipment and accessories alongside learning to shoot are the first steps an archer will take. In any process or stage of archery, caring for your bow will become a necessary task to add to your archery agenda. There are several parts of your shooting experience that will be added to your to do list to ensure your bow stays working properly. With time and care, your equipment will yield consistent results helping archers from a beginning level to a pro status.



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Archery is a sport designed for all age groups. Younger children and teens can explore the possibilities while crafting their chosen technique. Some may be leery to allow kids and arrows in the same sentence, however target shooting in a supervised environment is both safe and beneficial. Choosing how they will learn is the first step that parents will take. Training through a program at the school or the local recreational center is a great option to consider. Formal classes will teach how to shoot safely alongside bow mechanics and various shooting styles. Parents may also want to provide instruction themselves or via a trusted friend or family member. Whichever method you choose, children will reap many benefits from articulating their archery skills.



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Target shooting with your Bow at home will require a smart set up. If you have some land on your property, it is simple to be ready for practice within a few minutes. Some may think an at home Archery session is a no assembly required task; however there are a few necessities and tips to add to your list. Following this guide will make sure you are prepared, safe and ready to fine tune your Archery technique at Home.



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Learning the art of archery is an exciting journey. Stepping into the realm of possibilities and realizing your own potential is an exhilarating experience. Archery is an independent form relying on your own strengths and talents to achieve your goals. It is the general consensus that practice makes perfect, however when it comes to archery your success will start with a simple word of sizing.



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As an archer, you will find the bond between you and your bow as a musician has with their instrument. Archers become accustomed to the feel of their own bow. The way it pulls back and shoots will produce consistent results over time. Whether you shoot competitively, or it is just a hobby, there are a few attachments that will help you to personalize your bow.



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Throughout History, Archers have gained an elite status. Precision and an acute skill level was utilized in the heat of the battle, on hunting grounds and for sport. As one of the oldest arts to move forward in time, the Bow has culturally evolved into three dynamic components of Archery. The Recurve, Long Bow and Compound Bow have maintained their illusive ease in competitions and continued sports. When you read tales of kingdoms being overthrown and watch Legolas defeat the Orc masses, an adventurous expectation occurs among observers. (more…)


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There are various places where you can find news regarding archery. Many of the best places to look for news are at online websites. is an example of a great website where you can find news about the sport of archery. This site has news about events in archery that occur around the world, for example, they have news about the archery competition at the Olympic Games. They also have the most recent news regarding world rankings and world records in archery. (more…)


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Archery is the sport of shooting arrows (named bolts), using a bow. It is also commonly used in hunting game animals as well as in competitive sports and as leisure activity. In fact, people may not realize it, but archery has been a sport in the Olympic Games for several years now. Archery is actually very old and was invented many years ago, at approximately 10,000 BC in Asia and the Middle East regions. Over time, the design of the bow has become more complex, and the arrows have also changed to become shorter and heavier. (more…)


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A crossbow is a weapon that has been around since medieval times. It uses a string mounted on an apparatus. The weapon is held in the hand and used to shoot arrows that are called quarrels or bolts. The structure of a crossbow today is quite complex, consisting of a barrel, a stock and a sight. The stock is usually made of wood, and there is a body made of wood or composites. The bow is also mounted on the body. The two curved bow parts of the apparatus are known as the limbs. (more…)


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There are several places where one can find the latest archery equipment. You can either visit a regular shop or you can search online for archery equipment. There are several online shops where you can buy or even bid on archery equipment. Such notable online shops include Amazon and eBay. (more…)


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Archery is an art and skill that takes full advantage of two tools; a bow and an arrow. The two-work hand-in-hand together to enable an archer to take a shot at the desired target. Dating back to the Stone Age period, bow and arrow was an essential tool used as a weapon, for protection and hunting. Much hasn’t changed except for the fact that bow and arrows are no longer a weapon of choice in the event of war due to the introduction of more sophisticated artillery. (more…)


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Using bow and arrows is as perilous as it gets. Therefore, it’s of great importance that you observe a few safety rules to ensure you don’t hurt yourself or others. The rules also apply to storage and handling of the bows and arrows, and not limited to shooting only. If you follow a few simple guidelines you can be sure that you will have fun and stay safe on this adventure that is archery.  (more…)


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Even though archery was a significant part of Greek’s history, the game of archery was not featured in the first Olympic Games held in Athens Greece in 1894. Archery is no doubt an ancient sport and one that is practiced all around the world, but despite its popularity it did not make it to the Olympics until years later. It was at the Olympics Games held in Paris France in 1900 that the game of archery was first featured and at first it was only practiced by men, women were not a part of the sport at that time. Since then it has grown in the Olympic world and is a much more recognized sport. (more…)


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Archery is a fun activity, art, sport, or skill where you shoot an arrow from a bow. The use of the bow and arrow is one of the most archaic activities and weapons of humankind. Archery traditionally was used for hunting and warfare, but today, many people practice archery as a sport and you can even see it in the Olympics, as well. A person who participates in archery is usually called an archer. Someone who is fond of or an expert at archery is typically called a toxophilite, which means ‘lover of the bow’ in Ancient Greek. Archery as a sport, requires skills of precision, control, focus, repetition and determination. Archery can be practiced by all, no matter the age, gender, or ability, and is a widespread hobby in both developed and developing countries. So, what exactly makes archery a great hobby? Keep reading to find out.



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There are many great archers all around the world. While this sport may seem out of date and old it is in fact a well-respected sport that is still practiced by many. Throughout history there has been several ways in which bows, and arrows have been used and what made those techniques better than others. Here are a few noteworthy archery techniques and what made them great and why they are important. (more…)


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Archery can be rightly referred to as one of the oldest act that is still actively practiced until today. The history and development of archery can be traced as a face back as to the beginning of mankind’s history. (more…)


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Archery is an act or skill that involves the use of bow to shoot arms to aim at a target. The word archery is coined from the Latin word ‘Arcus’ which means ‘arch’ or ‘a bow’. From the ancient times, archery has always been used as a technique for hunting for food. It was invented towards the ending of the Palaeolithic period and the beginning of the Mesolithic period. The earliest reference to the use of archery in Europe was around the 10,000 BC, while history has it that it had been in use in the Middle East and Asian countries way before then. In recent times, archery has been turned a sport and an entertainment activity. A person who takes part in or has the skill of archery is known as an archer. While a professional or an expert at archery is known as a toxophilite, which is a Greek word for ‘Lover of the bow’. (more…)


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Archery is an activity that has been for over a long time. The bow and arrow are known to have been created by the end of the Upper Paleolithic, and for at least up to 10000 years, archery played a significant role in the military operation and also hunting skills and the core features in the mythologies of a lot of cultures. (more…)