Archery 2020


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There are many great archers all around the world. While this sport may seem out of date and old it is in fact a well-respected sport that is still practiced by many. Throughout history there has been several ways in which bows, and arrows have been used and what made those techniques better than others. Here are a few noteworthy archery techniques and what made them great and why they are important.

Mongol Bowman

The Mongol archers were known to hit targets better than modern riflemen. In fact, history has it that the Mongol archers were feared and respected all around and only Spartans and Jedi can match their expertise. What made the Mongol Bowmen more fearful was the fact that there they can hit a target from almost any range. Some reliable historians are of the view that Mongol archers can hit a target that is over 500 meters away.

To understand it better, the guns used in the U.S Army has a maximum range of about 600 meters, and it is reliable to kill just half of that. Thus, it means that, when it comes to a target of more than 400 meters, a Mongol archer is more skilled than a United States Marine.

English Long Bowmen

The story behind the history of the Long Bowmen has been so changed that it is now difficult to separate reality from myth. Some legends exist about an English Longbowman that was able to hit a man that was about 500 yards away. Also, there are tales that the strength of their arrows can punch through plate armor.

Surprisingly, there might be some truths in some of these legends because some of the longbows recovered recently were said to weight over 150 pounds which is three times the weight of an average bow you will find anywhere today.

This showed that the longbow that was used during that era was able to hit targets at a fantastic distance away and the men that handled the bows were strong. Also, the skeletal remains of the longbowmen were easy to spot out because their right arms were usually larger than the left arms because of many years of using the Longbows.

Nasu No Yoichi

Nasu no Yoichi is a popular legend in Japan’s history and every story told about him included his legendary archery prowess. The most popular being when he hit a decorated fan that was standing several hundred feet away from him when he was ordered by his boss to do so. This was a great feat because Nasu no Yoichi was said to have vowed to commit suicide if he does not meet his target.

All these individuals and techniques are extremely talented and have their own tricks that make them unique. They set the standards for many day techniques and uses of the bow and arrow. Although you may not see them as commonly as you may of years ago the bow and arrow is still an effective tool.