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Archery is a sport designed for all age groups. Younger children and teens can explore the possibilities while crafting their chosen technique. Some may be leery to allow kids and arrows in the same sentence, however target shooting in a supervised environment is both safe and beneficial. Choosing how they will learn is the first step that parents will take. Training through a program at the school or the local recreational center is a great option to consider. Formal classes will teach how to shoot safely alongside bow mechanics and various shooting styles. Parents may also want to provide instruction themselves or via a trusted friend or family member. Whichever method you choose, children will reap many benefits from articulating their archery skills.

The Physical Benefits of Archery for Children and Teens

With more children becoming tech savvy, there are more hours spent behind a screen than outside. Archery is an activity that gets them to move and mingle. Pulling back a bow requires muscular work with the abs, shoulders, arms, legs and back. The entire experience will strengthen these areas of the body as they ready their shot, hold it steady and release. There is plenty of walking involved back and forth to retrieve arrows as a chance for a bit of cardio during practice. Staying busy on a physical level can keep children and teens both engaged and active.

The Mental Benefits of Archery

Building a pairing of attention to detail and mental focus is one of the harder things to teach. Archery sets the stage for each attribute to steadily grow at the child’s own pace. Younger minds tend to think quickly in many directions at once. Prone to feeling restless and wanting to move about is the result of their energy collaborating with their body and mind. During each practice, they will need to direct their focus on the task and target at hand. Staying calm, collected and aware of their movements will ultimately translate into other areas of their life.

Social Skills and Archery

Life can be a whirlwind of events for our youth. Peer pressure and societal demands often create a plague of doubts, insecurities and depression. Making and attaining goals or triumphs will increase their confidence. Archery has a number of steps and stages they are able to work through instilling a generous amount of achievement to their day. Encouraging them to adapt and excel in a sport such as archery is a positive aspect they can look forward to. As they are acclimating, they will likely feel more confident in themselves which will help them to stay positive. Associating with others who have similar interests will also open the door for further social activities and opportunities.

Social Skills and Archery
Social Skills and Archery

Archery is an exceptional skill and sport for our younger ones to become involved in. Understanding the dynamics alongside technical applications is a fun way to gain a sense of ones self. Whether children shoot as a hobby or for a competitive edge, they will reap the lasting benefits from the day they begin to shoot.