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Target shooting with your Bow at home will require a smart set up. If you have some land on your property, it is simple to be ready for practice within a few minutes. Some may think an at home Archery session is a no assembly required task; however there are a few necessities and tips to add to your list. Following this guide will make sure you are prepared, safe and ready to fine tune your Archery technique at Home.

Space to Shoot

Your first step is to discover where you would like to shoot. Looking at your indoor versus outdoor options are completely configured on a case by case basis. A 20 foot length is ideal for proficient Archers while beginners can start at 5 or 10 feet respectively. Having a full length at Home Range gives you the ability to work your way down the line as you progress. Mark your measurements in feet to avoid repeating the process every time you ready your bow. Be sure to check your chosen area for obstacles or hinderances. As a precaution, the shooting direction should never face roadways, windows, houses or play areas. Use the guidelines for taking a photo when deciding were to place your target. Sunlight or shadows cause blind spots and missed shots.

Shoot Your Target

The next step in your at Home Archery Journey is to pick your Target. Stacks of hay were often used until newer products were innovated to reduce wear and tear on your equipment. The fletching of your arrows can get shredded if you shoot into a coarse target making foam and DIY stands a better choice. 3D targets are available for a realistic hunting scenario. Forms are created to look like common forest animals such as deer or there are more exotic styles including dinosaurs, birds and fun shapes. Foam targets are built in block or box shapes for easy use. They are more durable than 3D targets and have less of an impact on your arrows. Filled bags are available however they are more difficult to store. To keep your Targets in good shape, keep them out of inclement weather, direct sunlight for extended periods and never use a broadhead if you want them to last.

Archery Safety

If you have friends or family at Home, it is vital to explain to everyone the dangers of proximity during practice sessions. Letting everyone know when you are about to begin and potentially roping off a wide range area will keep mishaps and injuries from occurring. If you decide to have more than one lane, serious safety measures will also apply. Creating a system for when to shoot and retrieve your arrows can avoid confusion among your fellow Archers. Use a visual to distinguish the separate lanes alongside open communications during your practice time to ensure safety.

Archery Safety
Archery Safety

Having your own Archery hub at Home benefits both your skill levels and your game. Being able to practice will keep you sharp and precise. Setting up your area and implementing safety precautions will allow you to shoot your Bow anytime and on your own terms.