Archery 2020


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Using bow and arrows is as perilous as it gets. Therefore, it’s of great importance that you observe a few safety rules to ensure you don’t hurt yourself or others. The rules also apply to storage and handling of the bows and arrows, and not limited to shooting only. If you follow a few simple guidelines you can be sure that you will have fun and stay safe on this adventure that is archery. 


You should always point the arrow in a safe direction. The arrow should never be pointed in the direction of people or animals owing to the possibility of accidentally shooting them. Also, you should only nock your arrow when it’s safe to shoot, as it helps prevent accidental shootings that can potentially hurt you or another person. As you aim for a target, ensure that you keenly scrutinize its surroundings. This provides that should you miss your target; there will be no possibility of hurting or injuring anyone or anything around the mark.

Never shoot an arrow towards a place you can’t see like over a ridge. Shooting towards where you can’t see can potentially hurt people or damage property. Thus, always ensure that you’ve got a clear sight of your near and distant surroundings. Also, you should never release the bowstring in the absence of a nocked arrow as you risk getting injured or damaging the bow.

Safety Gear

Always wear an arm guard and finger protector while shooting. Your fingers can most likely get injured by the bowstring, and therefore the finger protection comes in handy. The arm guard prevents scratches on your arm when the arrow leaves the bow. It is also important to heed to instructions when shooting in the presence of many people. Taking precautionary measure guarantees your safety and surrounding people. Never cross the shooting line until it has been declared safe to do so. This makes sure that you are not in the range of fire which can lead to severe injuries and even death. Arrows retrieval should always be done when it is safe and when no one else is shooting.

It is always advisable to carry the arrows in a protective pouch so that the tips don’t hurt the shooter or any other person else handling them. Be smart and wise never consume alcohol or any other mood-altering drugs. Anything that may interfere with your judgment must be kept at arm’s length while in the archery. Shooting requires that you go with a clear mind from the time you step into the archery up until when you leave. Poor decision making resulting from alcohol or drugs may lead to fatalities.

These are among the few necessary safety precautions you must adhere to whenever you must handle a bow and arrows. Always be safe when using any mind of weapon and be sure you know how to handle it properly before using it.  It’s of great importance that you observe the above simple rules to ensure your safety and that of people and property around you.