Archery 2020


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Archery is the sport of shooting arrows (named bolts), using a bow. It is also commonly used in hunting game animals as well as in competitive sports and as leisure activity. In fact, people may not realize it, but archery has been a sport in the Olympic Games for several years now. Archery is actually very old and was invented many years ago, at approximately 10,000 BC in Asia and the Middle East regions. Over time, the design of the bow has become more complex, and the arrows have also changed to become shorter and heavier.

Archery in ancient times was used in military conflicts. Today, however, archery is primarily used for recreation, hunting or as a sport. As a sport, archery is not easy, but can appeal to people who prefer solo activities to team sports. It is a sport that requires concentration, skill and perseverance. Although it may look simple, archery is anything but; it demands a great deal of practice and perseverance. Equipment is also often expensive.

Still Popular?

One may think that archery has become less popular sport over time. After all, one does not see many instances of archery competitions being televised. Unlike sports such as baseball, basketball and football, which are often highly publicized and shown on the television, one does not often see featured archery competitions.

However, there have been many television shows and movies which have showcased archery. This has had the effect of actually making archery more popular especially among children and young adults. Children, in particular, want to emulate the heroes they see in movies, such as the “Hunger Games”, the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy and “Brave”. In fact, at least 16% of kids who were surveyed, cited the presence of archery in movies and television as being the main reason that they wanted to take up the sport of archery in the first place.

Thus, the popular blockbuster movies have definitely led to renewed interest in learning the sport of archery. Stores that sell archery equipment saw a jump in sales after the release of movies that featured archery. If anything, archery is actually growing in popularity and not dying out.

Still A Loved Sport

There are several archery competitions that are held every year. Yet, archery is not an easy sport to excel in. In fact, many children who are interested in succeeding in the sport end up being home schooled, since the time needed to practice archery to get good enough to compete is actually very high. Many of the individuals who take up archery may do so as a recreation instead of competition. Certainly, archery is very well liked among hunters and has become a part of popular culture because they were showcased on the silver screen.

Sales of archery equipment and increasing membership in archery associations do indicate that archery is not going anywhere. As more young people become interested in archery, it is sure to remain popular and, in some places, even grow in popularity.