Archery 2020


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Archery is an art and skill that takes full advantage of two tools; a bow and an arrow. The two-work hand-in-hand together to enable an archer to take a shot at the desired target. Dating back to the Stone Age period, bow and arrow was an essential tool used as a weapon, for protection and hunting. Much hasn’t changed except for the fact that bow and arrows are no longer a weapon of choice in the event of war due to the introduction of more sophisticated artillery.

It takes precision and accuracy to be proficient in archery. Archery remains popular in the modern world and consequently has lured leading movie starts in Hollywood and Pinewood studios to take up roles requiring the use of bows and arrows.  To ascertain our claims, we’ve drawn up a list of compelling archery scenes as depicted in the movies discussed below.

War of the Arrows

Released on 10th August 2011 the movie War of the Arrows is a production of three companies namely; Dasepo Club, DCG Plus and SOVIK Venture Capital. Nam-Yi is the movies main character who resorts to seeking revenge after enemy forces attacked their home, slaughtering his step-father and taking his sister into captivity. Angered by the enemies move, Nam-Yi decides to go after his enemies in a daring revenge mission. Nam-Yi’s chooses to bow and arrows as his weapons of choice to go after the enemy. Nam-Yi uses his weapons expertly, and he successfully subdues the Qing army of experienced bowmen.  Towards the end of the movie, Nam-Yi uses his traditional bow and his ability to camouflage through thick vegetation to take clean and precise shots at the enemy.

Lord of the Ring

The Lord of the Rings, a blockbuster that takes you on a mesmerizing adventure with the story spiced up with mind-blowing characters such as the orcs, elf, and hobbits. The film won the prestigious Oscar award four times.  The movies center on an ancient ring that had gone missing for centuries and was later found in the hands of a hobbit who must take the ring to the cracks of Doom to be disposed of and put an end to the dark lord’s reign.

The battle of helms deep opening is one astounding scene that relates to archery. In a bid to save Thornburg from Uruk-hai army under the leadership of Saruman, archers took to battle with superb technique to kill their enemies.

Avengers Age of Ultron

A Marvel Studios production, Avengers Age of Ultron is superhero film released on 13th April 2015 in the United States of America. Loki once again is the mastermind behind all wrongdoing. The Avengers go in search of Ultron who plans to wipe out humanity. Towards the end of the movie, Hawkeye the Avengers archer showcases his prowess in utilizing his skills by taking out ultra-bits with utmost precision.

Supposing you’re going to watch any of the above movies, perhaps it’s about time that you do so. The level of professionalism showcased, and the skills are just exceptional.