Archery 2020


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Archery is a fun activity, art, sport, or skill where you shoot an arrow from a bow. The use of the bow and arrow is one of the most archaic activities and weapons of humankind. Archery traditionally was used for hunting and warfare, but today, many people practice archery as a sport and you can even see it in the Olympics, as well. A person who participates in archery is usually called an archer. Someone who is fond of or an expert at archery is typically called a toxophilite, which means ‘lover of the bow’ in Ancient Greek. Archery as a sport, requires skills of precision, control, focus, repetition and determination. Archery can be practiced by all, no matter the age, gender, or ability, and is a widespread hobby in both developed and developing countries. So, what exactly makes archery a great hobby? Keep reading to find out.

Great health benefits

Archery is a great sport, not only for passing time, but it can really benefit your health. Archery helps improve your focus. Remaining focused during a shot is one of the most important things for every archer. An archer must remain focused on their target, focus on their form, and ignore distractions around them. So, constantly being focused helps you focus and keep calm in high-stress situations. Another great health benefit is it improves your upper strength. The arms, core, chest, and shoulders are all worked when practicing proper draw. Similar to lifting weights, an archer usually holds their draw for a couple of seconds, which allows for tension in the muscles. This type of repetition leads to muscle development. One more way that your health is benefited from archery is hand-eye coordination. Archery trains your hands to aim based on the feedback from your eyes. With continuous practice and repetition, your coordination becomes better. The better coordination an archer has, the better aim they have.

Multiple games

What makes archery so fun and diverse is the ability to play multiple games. If shooting colorful bull’s eye targets across a room or lawn isn’t your cup of tea, archery has tons of games. 3D archery lets you shoot at three-dimensional foam animals in a wooded course, while field archery lets you shoot indoors or outdoors at paper targets. There’s also curling, darts, night shooting, archery golf, and so much more.

Great for hunting food

Not only is bowhunting the most ethical way of hunting food, but it’s also extremely fun! More young, urban folks are turning to this option for local food than ever before. The secret to successful bowhunting for food is moving like your target. If the game’s primary source of food changes, you’ll also need to look for the new food supply and make it your new hunting spot. Competitive and recreational archery go hand-in-hand with bowhunting. By practicing year-round, those who bowhunt can ensure safe, ethical shots during the hunting season.

Weather doesn’t matter

Not only is archery a year-round sport where it goes indoors for winter and outdoors for spring and summer, but no matter the weather, you can practice archery. However, when it comes to bowhunting, you should be aware of the weather. It’s important to know that animals may be less active during windy weather, so it may not be worth shooting. Animals have a difficult time picking up a sense of danger and resort to hiding until high winds pass. So, if it’s windy, stick to more recreational types of archery or shoot indoors.

Builds confidence

Archery is a great sport for building confidence, especially in kids and young adults. The feeling of shooting a bow and accomplishing your goal is like no other. Knowing that you’ve drilled a bull’s eye or simply executed a great shot, that really helps build self-esteem and give you something to feel proud of. Nothing builds confidence like accomplishing something for the first time.

It’s a lifetime sport

As mentioned above, no matter your age, gender, or ability, archery is a sport that you can practice. You can try archery as young as seven or eight years old. Olympic medalist Butch Johnson made five Olympic teams between ages 36 and 52. People compete at the Outdoor Nationals in their 70s and 80s, and adults of all ages bowhunt and practice archery for fun everyday.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to using my bow to shoot arrows, there’s probably nothing that I enjoy more. I truly enjoy being out in the middle of nowhere shooting at nothing. It is one of my hobbies that really clears my head and allows me to destress. Other hobbies that I enjoy include playing card games at PokerStars Casino and World of Card Games, since I have a real competitive spirit. If you’re anything like me and have a knack for trying out all kinds of new things, then you should give archery a try. Just like any sport, the more you practice, the better you become and the more you’ll love it.