Archery 2020


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Archery is an act or skill that involves the use of bow to shoot arms to aim at a target. The word archery is coined from the Latin word ‘Arcus’ which means ‘arch’ or ‘a bow’. From the ancient times, archery has always been used as a technique for hunting for food. It was invented towards the ending of the Palaeolithic period and the beginning of the Mesolithic period. The earliest reference to the use of archery in Europe was around the 10,000 BC, while history has it that it had been in use in the Middle East and Asian countries way before then. In recent times, archery has been turned a sport and an entertainment activity. A person who takes part in or has the skill of archery is known as an archer. While a professional or an expert at archery is known as a toxophilite, which is a Greek word for ‘Lover of the bow’.

To become good in the game of archery, you need skills of control, precision, repetition, focus, and determination. Everybody in all age group can participate in the game of archery. Thus, the game does not discriminate age, ability, strength or gender. All you need is a desire to be good in the game and determination to practice until you become perfect. The game is a popular recreational activity in both developed and developing nations. Archery always attracts public attention as an important sport in the Olympic competition. Also, popular culture and the film industry have gone a long way to promote the archery game. The sport is a major part of some hit series like The Avengers, The Hunger Games, Arrow, and The Hobbit franchises.

While a professional toxophilite that participates in Olympic Games may require many hours of concentrated practice every day to master the game, a person playing the game as leisure may not need such dedication to master the sport.

The greater population of the archery fraternity is made up of casual archers. Some aspects of the game may require years of practice to master. As an archer, you need to always ensure that your surrounding where you practice is safe for the purpose. There are a lot of archery clubs and ranges with good coaches to lead you from the beginning steps of mastering the games to becoming an expert.

The best way to dive into archery is to look for an archery club and range with good equipment and experienced instructors. It does not require a lot of expenses to get acquainted with the sports. Getting a coach or a mentor is another way to master this sport very fast. Similar to any other sport, there is a need to master the basic techniques of the archery sport from the onset. This will come in handy when you take an introductory course. You may also need to try out various types of recurve and bows in an archery club. After the introductory course, your instructor will then guide you on how to buy the best equipment to get started.