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When we begin learning the ins and outs of archery, we will have an arsenal of information at our fingertips. Choosing the right equipment and accessories alongside learning to shoot are the first steps an archer will take. In any process or stage of archery, caring for your bow will become a necessary task to add to your archery agenda. There are several parts of your shooting experience that will be added to your to do list to ensure your bow stays working properly. With time and care, your equipment will yield consistent results helping archers from a beginning level to a pro status.

Bow Maintenance Tips

Keeping your bow tuned and ready to shoot does not only mean a trip to your local shop. The more you practice; you will know how your bow feels. If you begin to notice small or slight differences, it can indicate you need to make a few adjustments. Efficiently checking over parts and pieces prior to using is a preventative measure to avoid mishaps, damages and low scores on the target.

  • Check for loose or wobbling connections between the risers and limbs. Every time you shoot, this particular area holds an incredible amount of pressure and potential vibration. This can cause the area to become unsecure. If you do not have the proper tools, take it to a nearby expert before you continue shooting.
  • The arrow rest should be attached securely without any give. If it sways to the side or jars easily, this can be unsafe to shoot. Keeping your arrows moving into the intended direction is a large role of the rest. When it is not working properly, arrows will go astray, be misled and could head into a dangerous direction.
  • Wear and tear on bow parts is a common occurrence. Giving your bow a good onceover each time you pull it out will include checking the string, all accessories and any attached parts. You will look for signs of erosion, corrosion and worn sections from top to bottom.

The bow string in particular requires extra care and attention. When a bow string is frayed or has splitting ends it is time for a new string. The golden rule in archery is to never under any circumstances dry fire your bow. This means pulling back and releasing the string without an arrow can result in injury and breakage points. If your string were to break or snap mid-shot it can have a similar effect as dry firing. Waxing your string often can help them to stay healthy and intact. If you notice a difference in the appearance, sound or performance while shooting, it might be time to get your bow restrung.

Bow Maintenance Tips
Bow Maintenance Tips

Bow and Arrows at the End of the Day

Making sure your bow and arrows are maintained regularly is one of the smartest ways to improve your game. Replacing or restoring parts as needed prevents unnecessary safety hazards and costs alike. Learning to do your own repairs or hiring them out are both efficient ways to keep your bow in optimal condition for years to come.