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A crossbow is a weapon that has been around since medieval times. It uses a string mounted on an apparatus. The weapon is held in the hand and used to shoot arrows that are called quarrels or bolts. The structure of a crossbow today is quite complex, consisting of a barrel, a stock and a sight. The stock is usually made of wood, and there is a body made of wood or composites. The bow is also mounted on the body. The two curved bow parts of the apparatus are known as the limbs. There is also a flight groove which allows the arrow to be perfectly aligned and a projectile retention spring that keeps the arrow in place until it is time for it to be released. Another important part is a trigger, similar to the one you would find on a gun.

Invention of The Crossbow

It is believed that the crossbow was developed independently in the Mediterranean and Chinese cultures. The crossbow in each case used a wooden bow apparatus, but the trigger mechanism was somewhat different. The Mediterranean crossbow used a rotating nut mechanism while the Chinese used levers and hooks for the trigger. The modern-day crossbow is far more complex, with many more structures involved. Nowadays, a crossbow has features that were inspired by a handgun, including a stock, barrel and a finger type of trigger.

Using a Crossbow

There are four basic steps to using a crossbow. First, you have to cock the bow, and that can be done by pulling back the string. The string must be pulled back to provide the maximal force needed to successfully launch the bolt and there are various ways to achieve this. You can either cock the bow using a crank-operated system or do it manually, depending on the type of crossbow that you have. The second step is to load the arrow into the crossbow. This involves placing the arrow into the barrel and make sure that the vane of the arrow is correctly aligned.

The third step is to take aim. You can do this by using a mounted sight or scope. You also need to ensure that nothing is in the way that you could cause injury to. Finally, you shoot by squeezing the trigger to release the bolt. If used correctly, the crossbow can be very accurate and can be used to hunt fairly large game animals. Although it may seem as though this is an easy weapon to use, this is far from truth. It can take many years of practice to become skilled with a crossbow.

If a crossbow is very light, a hand mechanism can be used to draw back the bow. However, heavier cross bows will need a mechanical means to draw back the bow. The modern arrow of a crossbow, the bolt, is often shorter than a traditional arrow. The bolt of a modern-day crossbow is also much heavier than a traditional arrow. Contemporary crossbows are mainly used in sport today unlike in the past, when crossbows were used in warfare.